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Why St. Mary's?

St. Mary's Catholic School seeks staff members who exemplify Christian morals, are highly qualified and certified, and who employ the best practices that are hallmarks of excellence. Our faculty and staff actively promote the pillars of St. Mary's Catholic School: Faith, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. They strongly support Catholic education and understand all students have gifts and charism given by God. They value and respect their colleagues, students, parents, administration and clergy.

Substitute Teacher Applications accepted anytime during the academic calendar year. 

Professional Teacher Applications accepted April 1-June 1 for the upcoming academic year.

How to apply

1.  Come to SMS front office for application located at 405 Hollybrook, Longview, TX  75605.

2.  Bring copy of transcript, teaching certification, and supporting records to Administrative Assistant

3.  Register and attend a Diocesan Ethics & Integrity basic training to receive acceptable certificate for service

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteer Service Assignment

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Volunteer Handbook


School Direct Line 903-753-1657

Early Childhood Development

Jenn Ades    EC1                            Ext. 110            jades@stmaryslgv.org  

Monica Taylor    Pre-K                    Ext. 101            mtaylor@stmaryslgv.org 

EC Aides Mary Fisher and Sabina Khan                                                                                                                                                                                           

Lower Elementary

Michelle Canion  K                          Ext. 104            mcanion@stmaryslgv.org

Amie Moore 1                                 Ext. 106            amoore@stmaryslgv.org

Mary Guilliams 1                            Ext. 103            mguilliams@stmaryslgv.org

Stephanie Webb  2                         Ext. 107            swebb@stmaryslgv.org

Susan Roeber  3                             Ext. 109            sroeber@stmaryslgv.org

Lower Aide Robye Hodge    

Middle Elementary

Bonnie Farinella  4                          Ext. 203            bfarinella@stmaryslgv.org

Ethel Johnson  5                             Ext. 202            ejohnson@stmaryslgv.org

Lisa Metzler  6                                Ext. 204            lmetzler@stmaryslgv.org 

Upper Elementary

Mary Quinn  7                                 Ext. 201            mquinn@stmaryslgv.org

Lori Dohanich  8                              Ext. 402            ldohanich@stmaryslgv.org

High School

Melody Najarro  9                            Ext. 405            mnajarro@stmaryslgv.org

Lynne Szczepanek  10                    Ext. 403             lynne@stmaryslgv.org

Meagan Palmer 11                          Ext. 401            mpalmer@stmaryslgv.org

Lucy Knotts  12                              Ext. 407            lknotts@stmaryslgv.org     

Brooks Nelson                               Ext. 404              bnelson@stmaryslgv.org        

James Carroll                                 Ext. 302            jcarroll@stmaryslgv.org  

Theresa Mills                                   Ext. 302            tmills@stmaryslgv.org

Fine Arts

Carol Blair   Art    Ext. 111   cblair@stmaryslgv.com

Larry DeArmon    Band    Ext. 205 

Laura Leahy    Choir, Guitar     Ext. 205     lleahy@stmaryslgv.org


Alicia O'Connor    Archery/Soccer    Ext. 126 aoconnor@stmaryslgv.org

Janet Collard    Middle School Volleyball    Ext. 125 jcollard@stmaryslgv.org

Lucy Knotts    Cross Country/Track/Boys Basketball    Ext. 407 lknotts@stmaryslgv.org

Barbara Barton    Girls Basketball/Volleyball   Ext. 120 bbarton@stmaryslgv.org


Dulce Trujillo    Lower School    Ext. 108 dtrujillo@stmaryslgv.org

Lori Dohanich    Upper School    Ext. 402 ldohanich@stmaryslgv.org

Susan Leatherman    Upper School    Ext. 406 sleatherman@stmaryslgv.org